♥♥♥ Noir Tease ♥♥♥

Victoria couldn’t keep this scent a secret for too long! Noir Tease, appropriately named, is the sexiest fragrance I’ve tried thus far! <3 <3 <3


Long story short,  I woke up this past weekend, put on my cutest wig, brushed on my mascara, and even flossed! 😀 All I had left to do was spritz on my delightful Nirvana Black by Elizabeth and James! Listen Shimmies, I couldn’t even do it! 😛 Here I am in the bathroom pressing my finger down as HARD as I can trying to muster the last bit of Nirvana out! To no avail, I failed! 🙁 🙁 🙁 Despite my dismay, I had to buckle down and tell myself, “Jaz, just go buy some more perfume for Pistol Pete’s SAKE!  Plus, I had to satisfy that urge we all get → the urge to splurge some dough for no particular reason at all! 🙂 So I thought, “what better way to spend my money than on ALL things sure to tickle my olfactory nerves! 😉

Now I’m sure you all have experienced this as I have…walking past Victoria’s Secret and being lured into her Utopia of all things PRETTY-N-PINK! As usual, we MUST stop in! It’s inevitable, right? 😉 Well, after being graciously greeted by the excellent sales associates, I delved into spritzing the scents! The first one I tried happened to be Noir Tease!!!! I instantly fell in <3 <3 !!! It was <3 at first SNIFF! <3 at first WHIFF! The kinda love you feel after eating a warm walnut filled brownie by Duncan Hines on a chilly evening while snuggled on your couch watching your fave Zoe Saldaña flick! 😀 (That’s my girl!) The kinda love you feel when…okay, I’ll stop! 😛 But anyways, this fragrance captivated me! I tried the other perfumes by the Victoria’s Secret line…I even tried the perfumes by the PINK line, but NOTHING compared to Noir Tease!

You know how most fragrances have that I’m a grown woman scent?” Or even those who scream “HELP ME, I’m citrusy;” and we mustn’t forget the “I’m a rose in a garden surrounded by tulips” floral scents! 😛 Well, Noir Tease is nothing of the sort! Yeah, I said it! 😉 Noir Tease wreaks sex-appeal and sensuality in the flirtiest of aromas! It’s the FRANKINCENSE of womanhood, Shimmies! 😀

You laugh at my pun, but I’m SO serious! 😐 LOL This fragrance is EVERYTHING and LOTS more – not to mention you get LOTS of BANG BANG for your buck! $49.00 was Noir Tease’s price which includes over 1.7 oz worth of product and the CUTEST atomizer EVER! You will simply adore how vintage-fancy you look in the mirror when you mist yourself using this doo-hickey! So go try it out NOW! Give your pheromones a BOOST!

Shimmy Sistah

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3

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