҉ Childish Gambino Fantasizing ҉

Can I just sit back and tell you JUST how wonderful the Southwest is? With an average of 350 days per year of nothing but PURE SUNSHINE, and humidity levels of 10%, this Southwestern charm can’t be beat!

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This was my VERY FIRST summer spent here!!! 🙂 Yes, I’ve lived here for quite some time, but I usually find myself, like the ripping tides, ebbing my way back to the sublime streets of Atlanta! <3 Thankful to the BIG MAN UPSTAIRS, I obtained an internship this summer in the culturally splendid state of New Mexico which enabled me to Endure, Enjoy, and Encounter ALL the treasures that truly make this state the Land of Enchantment! <3 I seriously couldn’t be more grateful too! 😀

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Considering I plan on doing a “tell-all” post on all of my summer festivities I indulged upon, including ALL things Sin City, for right now, let’s just relax, marinate, and FANTASIZE to the sometimes melancholy melodies but oftentimes rhapsodic & rhythmic rhymes of Childish <3 Gambino while soaking up these beaming sun rays! 😀

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Marrying him would make it THAT much easier to Live Life, Beautifully, am I right? <3 ya’ll! 😉

– Shimmy Sistah

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