♥ Bowties 2 Accessorize ♥

So you thought bowties were just for gentlemen, eh? You thought they could only be rocked above the clavicle but below the noggin, right? Well, think again, Shimmies! These bowties are to accessorize!♥!♥! Hairties and flower budding headbands may be in, but best believe, BOWTIES are definitely the new trend! ◄ Man, put me in a CYPHER with Tech N9ne! I swear I’m killing the rhyme game right now! (Don’t you enjoy how I don’t need iron to pump this BIG head up anymore!?) 😛


Okay! Back to the BASICS! If you’re like me, then rocking accessories in your hair ceased once you hit puberty. Thinking they were out like 3 strikes at a Braves game, I trashed them like I did my 6th grade white lace socks with Keds Kicks! I mean, what 6th grader walks around with hair bling?

Luckily, I’ve escaped that mentality! And in just enough time too! Yes, you bet your bottom dollar these bowties are EVERYWHERE! That means y’all need to shop at your nearest Forever 21 before it’s too late, Shimmies! They have some of the cutest hair accessories sure to liven up your outfit and make the day of ANY stud sitting behind you in Biology!

Price you ask? Listen Shimmies, just use those few quarters you have leftover from doing your laundry to pay for these MUST-HAVES! Only a mere $2.80 is what your pockets will spare! Doesn’t that just make them even MORE appealing?

As far as the other trinkets are concerned:

1) No cropped or flirty top gets quite as noticed as those paired with a bold statement necklace!

2) What ears don’t desire to drip in rose gold diamonds?

3) We mustn’t forget that NO phalanges stand out as much as those donned with Harry Winston imitation! 😀

Have you copped any of these items yet? Well, STOP reading and JET! But FIRST…

Remember to Live Life, beautifully! 😉

<3 Shimmy Sistah

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