^__^ 50 Shades of Brown ^__^

Okay! So I’ve exaggerated a tad with the title, but who doesn’t when they have EXCITING NEWS TO TELL!


So just in case you missed it, Shea Moisture has come out with their own makeup line! YASSSSS! *hand clap* 😀 Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’ve seen an “All African-American” makeup line since Fashion Fair…UNTIL I stepped foot inside Target the other day!

With full intentions to splurge last weekend, I made my way to El Paso and stopped in every beauty guru’s Mecca – ULTA!!!! What was I in search of? NYX’s ‘Stay Matte but Not Flat’ foundation, of course! 🙂 It’s not my fave, but it gives me a sheer-medium coverage without bringing too many blackheads along! But back to DA STORY! 😉 So I stepped in Ulta, skimmed the aisles but my shade was NO WHERE to be found! 🙁 🙁 Hell-bent on spending some dough, I mustered the courage to drop a whoPPing $26 bucks on a foundation brush, the SEX BOMB eye shadow palette by NYX, and an irresistible emerald green jumbo eye pencil by NYX.

Attempting to climb my mountain of Spend-Thrift Happiness, those few dabble of products still brought me no closer to my peak! Crestfallen and in the dumps, I journeyed over to Target. I canvassed the aisles of makeup quickly just to be disappointed even more. Not wanting to extend my tenure of sadness any longer, I ventured to the clothing, moping in my John Deere hat and owl-decorated scarf. Suddenly something whispered, “Turn around JAZ! Just pivot that right foot!” Hesitant and every bit weary, I opted to listen! AND BY GOLLY, I’M GLAD I DID!

Lo & Behold there stood the Shea Moisture Cosmetic line!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I practically RAN over there guys! I wanted to SHRIEK! I wanted to DANCE! I wanted to JUMP 4 joy!!! But to compose myself, I instead, sat my thick b00ty on the ground! 😛

In amazement, I grabbed each foundation color compact from the cinnamons to the espressos! I just couldn’t believe the selection I had at my fingertips! The way Shea Moisture managed to capture all 50 Shades of Brown – mochas, honeys, cocoas, and golden dusts – was absolutely exquisite!

palette pic!

The Wear:

So the colors I chose were the CANOA ESPRESSO for my pressed powder and the CEYLON CINNAMON for my illuminating powder. BEWARE: both have UBER sheer coverage so if you’re looking for something with Wonder Woman coverage power, these aren’t the powders for you! Personally, I’m a lover of sheer powders! I was a MAC Studio Fix feign, but once my acne got out of control, I knew sheer was the way to go! As stated above, however, these powders have an extremely sheer coverage that leaves a slight glow behind making it appear as though you’re glowing from within! Peep my pic below!

Processed with Moldiv


To apply, I simply used my new foundation brush to gently sweep a light dusting of CANOA ESPRESSO around my entire face. Then I used the brush included in the illuminating powder compact to sweep the glimmer dust across my cheeks and along my T-zones.


  • No acne present after rocking these for two weeks now!
  • Color palette of choices makes finding your shade inevitable
  • Matte finish with oil absorbing ingredients
  • Talc and paraben free
  • The illuminating powder, CEYLON CINNAMON, comes with a bronzing brush


  • The pressed powder, CANOA ESPRESSO, comes as an insert so this makes you have to purchase the refillable compact case AND applicator sponge in addition to the monies charged for the powder insert itself.
  • Shea Moisture sells it this way as an encouragement to create your own little compact collection, but I found it cumbersome and costly at best 🙁
  • The CANOA ESPRESSO has a tendency to fall out its refillable case, so BE CAREFUL!!!! 😛
  • When I’m on the go, I use the bronzing brush found in my illuminating powder compact in order to lightly dust my pressed powder on



Remember in the movie “Why Did I Get Married” when Janet Jackson instructed the ladies to jot down what they liked and disliked about their hubbies? When they finished, she had them gauge each side to see if they had more likes or dislikes. If the verdict came back that they had more likes, she persuaded the ladies to stay hitched! Well that, my friends, happens to be my philosophy on LOTS of things as well! Taking a gander back at my list above, you can easily see that I luckily have a few more pros than cons meaning I’m DEFINITELY going to stay true to my Shea Moisture!!! If you haven’t read about me gloating over their African Black Soap, then click here! –> http://shimmysistah.com/2014/05/24/flawless/#more-119

Hopefully, this review and my latter have convinced you to try our their products! If you have any suggestions of your own, leave them below!

 – Shimmy Sistah

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3


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