¿Who Ya Gonna Call?

When the critters come, who ya gonna call?


When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?


And when those edges just can’t seem to lie down, who do ya call?



But who do you call when you are a minority entrepreneur who aspires to own your own business, but your conventional lenders in town have all declined you for financing? You basically have nowhere to go and if ya did, you have no money to get there…Well, you contact your local community economic development funding organizations or reach out to various crowdfunding resources available to you via the web. These organizations and other financing resources are there to target those entrepreneurs who are unable to get financing elsewhere because let’s face it, having a credit score of 728 but a hue of nutmeg can definitely play a part in the financing decisions your lender chooses to make.

Okay! I have yet another question for ya! This is like a trivia post, am I right? Lol Well, who do those organizations and crowdfunding resources call when THEY run out of money to help YOU – the aspiring entrepreneur? Compelling, right? I created a conundrum without even trying! But the truth of the matter is, these resources attempting to help fund us are experiencing challenging times staying afloat themselves. For example, www.blackcrowdfunding.net “WAS” there to “help [African Americans] overcome roadblocks unique to their race” when seeking financing to foster their dreams; however, this is somewhat of a challenge due to the fact that BlackCrowdfunding.net needs someone to help finance them as well.

William Michael Cunningham, developer of BlackCrowdfunding.net
William Michael Cunningham, developer of BlackCrowdfunding.net

You see, just as lenders are sometimes hesitant and wary to lend to us, angel investors are also less likely to donate. Even our own people are also cautious – for fear of the unknown realm of “crowdfunding” – in general. Because of this, organizations don’t get funded to help their communities…organizations, such as BlackCrowdfunding.net…

But perhaps BlackCrowdfunding.net could CALL ME! Don’t laugh! I’m being serious!!!!! 😀 I mean, I admit, I’m a newbie at this whole Economic Development thing, but I AM currently working at an economic development agency as well as beginning my THIRD year attaining my doctorate on the subject matter. That being said, I am thoroughly provoked, prompted, and quite inclined to reach out to the developers of BlackCrowdfunding.net. My darling, Dr. Reyes, and I recently spoke on this and she even thinks that a collaborative effort between me, the elite Doctorate of Economic Development Program offered at New Mexico State University, and William Michael Cunningham, social investing adviser who developed BlackCrowdfunding.net, would be brilliant as it would help to stimulate our minds as students while being beneficial to William and his team.

Immediately letting self-doubt kick-in, I denounced her idea, but being the BESTIE that she is, Dr. Reyes quickly hushed me UP! I’m on board now, y’all! 🙂 Headstrong too! 😀 In efforts to help, especially during Black Business Month, I’m going to go ahead and offer my services! Cross your fingers, Shimmies! Oh yeah, tell the Big Man Upstairs that his Shimmy Sistah isn’t trying to get on His nerves, but she really needs Him once more! 😉 Of course, as this makes progress, I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on here as well as my YouTube Channel –> www.youtube.com/theshimmysistah!

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Live Life, Beautifully!

– Shimmy Sistah

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Anita Li of Mashable!

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