~ Happy HolidayZ ~

I heard ELVES on my roof, y’all!

Believe Me! <– Drake voice!

I could hear them prancing around trying to stuff B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray, Bieber, and Calculus test prep answers inside my stockings I made sure to hang with care! I even heard them trying to #nomNOMnom on my ‘Ravishing Red Velvet Kupkakes’ I left for Santa! …I’m kidding… 😛 I left Santa ‘Death by Chocolate Kupkakes’! All right! All right! I’ll stop! 🙂 Those cupcakes DO sound good though! Am I right? But I digress!…as usual! 😉

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Back to the topic @ hand! Yes, I’d like to wish a very Happy Holidays to my Shimmies near and far! Why am I wishing you holiday cheer, you ask? Well, cuz it’s Christmas in July, Silly Rabbit! 😀 That’s right! That means you FINALLY have permission to dust off those Mickey Rooney Christmas movies and jam to those ‘Heat Miser’ and Mariah Carey tunes!

Now usually I wouldn’t question why I’m receiving Calculus test prep answers under my 3 footer pine, but sometimes a girl has to wonder! Therefore, with much haste, I pulled my Big Girl Britches up and set out to do some research on my own!

Pretty much, July 25th was deemed as Christmas in July for a multitude of reasons, the primary being that the countries in the Southern Hemisphere enjoy celebrating Christmas during the cozy but icy chilled months as we do. However, during December, those countries in those areas are wearing tank tops and flip slops while fighting humidity! Unfortunately, and as you can probably tell, singing “well, the weather outside if frightful” is just not the same! 🙁 Because of this, some pretty spirited and ingenious individuals came up with the idea to celebrate this joyous occasion during July! 😀

But WAIT!!!! Don’t stop reading just yet! I have more!

As mentioned before, there were a plethora of reasons why Christmas in July came to be. I’ve already touched on its main reason, but … yup, there’s another I want to elaborate on as well! Matter of fact, you’ve probably guessed it! I happen to have a strong inkling that my readers are QUITE the intellectuals, so I’m pretty sure you recognized that Christmas in July was also concocted to forge PROFITS! Kinda like our Christmas in December! Any way to make a buck, right? RIGHT! jk LOL 😉 But yeah, sadly, Christmas in July has succumbed to becoming a lucrative holiday because apart from Independence Day, there are NO holidays from Father’s Day to Labor Day in which businesses are able to pull in the dough. Basically, the summer is their “dull” money-making season! Poor them! Don’t get too mad at the companies though! They can’t capitalize too much partly because we just don’t buy into the trend AND we MUST remember to save for those Crayola Markers the kiddies crave for Back 2 School when instead, we really want to buy them Rose Art and call it a day! 🙂

Either way it goes, whether it be for the holiday cheer for the Southern Hemisphere to enjoy or for our pockets the businesses wish to empty, today I’m still going to TURN UP to my “Santa Baby” by Eartha Kitt and snuggle in my comfy PJ’s while watching “A Year Without a Santa Claus” with the faint scent of Apple Cinnamon Medley filling my humble abode! You should too!


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– Shimmy Sistah


2 responses to “~ Happy HolidayZ ~

  1. BRAVO!!!!! I couldn’t be happier! Next year I’ll be decorating and making my family participate. I did a gift exchange with a friend too. It’s nothing like holiday cheer! Nat King Cole & Bing Crosby are better selections than ‘Heat Miser?????’ …. but who cares. LOL. Chill the house and get the blankets ready….. MOVIE NIGHT!

    • SOOO you’re just gonna come on my blog and talk about my ‘Heat Miser?!?’ Lol how dare you!! Jk glad you enjoyed! Actually, I’m even more elated at you incorporating this holiday next year! Hope ya buy me something French! 😉

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