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My homie: Hey girlie! Wanna go see the “Thunder from Down Under” tonight?
Me: Sure!!! What time does it start?
My homie: 8:30 pm
Me: Okay! Which movie theater is showing it?
My homie: Ummmmm it’s NOT a movie…it’s a MALE REVUE!
Me: O___o
My homie: You still wanna go?
Me: Uhhh DUH! 🙂

The THIRST was SO real that night, ya’ll! I mean, I was parched, thirsty, dehydrated…Basically, I felt as though I was in the HOT desert sands of New Mexico and the ONLY things that could possibly quench my drought were those outback men from the critically acclaimed male revue show, “Thunder from Down Under!”

Being that this was my very FIRST male revue, I had NO CLUE as to what to expect!!!! Were they going to be FULLY nude or just strip down to their Calvin Klein boxer briefs? Could I make it rain? Could I touch? Those probing questions along with vividly pleasing images RACED through my mind! Needless to say, as SOON as those FINE specimens of Aussie men graced the stage, ALL and I mean ALL of my questions were answered! 😉

So I’m sure you can recall watching Saturday morning cartoons that featured coyotes howling and GAWKING at vivacious females walking past them. Well, that’s basically how I and every other woman reacted when the Aussies did so much as a simple wink! Seriously, we screamed, howled, and even groveled over these men! They were PHENOMENAL!

Guess what else though! It gets better, you ask? You bet your bottom dollar it does! 🙂 As we can all imagine, these men definitely dance and run through the crowds so we can CLENCH their pecks while slapping a b00ty or two! But they also choose ladies from the audience to participate in their skits as well!!!! And ya girl, Shimmy Sistah, GOT CHOSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 I freaked when this Aussie stud hugged me, kissed my cheek, and told me to “Wait right here! I’m coming back for you!” Obedient to his every command, I stood stoically, refusing to even flinch!

When he came back for me, he grabbed my left hand and ran with me back to the stage. With my right hand, I snatched off my purse, threw it to my girl, and ran behind him HIGH FIVING ladies as if I was called “on down” while on the Price is Right!

Should I reveal everything that happened on stage between my bloke and me? I SHALL NOT! I want you ladies to experience it for yourselves by attending one of their shows! But I will say this…
He gently laid me down on a bed, took off his belt, and……………. 😉 let’s just say, I’m glad I wore my real hair that night! 🙂

Now, I know you’re a tad upset, mad even! But I bet you’re enticed nonetheless! For this reason alone, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY encourage each and EVERY one of you to debut your presence at the “Thunder from Down Under” male revue show when it tours your respective cities! You won’t be disappointed! Wait…that’s a LIE! I was definitely disappointed…When I left the venue, I saw regular men. You know the ones you see at your local bank or gas station. Yes, that definitely disappointed me. I was so sad, I didn’t know whether to hitchhike to the Excalibur Hotel where they perform nightly on the Vegas strip or to pack all of my belongings and make my way to Australia’s Outback! Since I couldn’t decide, I opted to get a few pictures and autographs instead!

Advocating your attendance at least annually to male revues was my SOLE purpose for this post! For more information, click below: www.thunderfromdownunder.com

Thank me later!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

Shimmy Sistah

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