Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!

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This one’s an unadorned beauty, ya’ll! Unadorned in the sense that her natural look and feel could trick the Hair Gods into thinking it’s yours and a beauty because her long and silky tresses make her stand out without even trying!

Unfortunately, Sensationnel did not give her a name, but if I could give her one, it would simply, be “Selena!” I find “Selena” suiting because I would always rock her with cute Boho headbands that sported crimson red roses – a staple in Spanish culture!

Selena is quite alluring though! Her lavish mane with delicate sea-shore waves did me well! The cap was a nice fit too – not too snug and came with adjustable straps in case you need to tighten or loose her up. She comes with parting already in place which is a definite perk! It’s like a MILE long too! So with a touch of concealer, you can make it look even more realistic than before. Of course, you can always tweeze her part, but I found my concealer doing the trick and I looked just fine! Plus, tweezing takes time and Lord knows I enjoy being lazy!

Her length is gorgeous by the way, but as we ALL know, there have to be SOME drawbacks! 😉 The only problem I noticed with her luxurious tresses was that she would sometimes either get caught up in my seatbelt or she would get trapped in my car door as I would get in and shut it! OUCH! Lol Troublesome, I know! But the quick fix was just holding onto her as I got in and out! They have always said ‘Beauty iZZZ pain!’ Well, I’m guessing it can sometimes be a hassle too! 😛

Like Christmas, when you un-box your wigs, the excitement you have exudes EVERYWHERE! Or at least MINE does! Your wigs come out of their little boxes bearing their polished, bouncy, and sleek locks! Well, Selena is NO different! In fact, her bounce, sleekness, and polished locks remained during my entire duration of wear – 4 weeks!!! 🙂 Talk about money well spent!

As far as maintenance is concerned, just make sure to close your car doors slowly, be cautious while taking off your seatbelts, and brush her CONSTANTLY! She did manage to tangle quite a bit, but I found that with brushing her with a nylon bristled brush kept her tangle-free and eye-catching because of the volume the brushing created! I did have to cut her a bit after about 3 weeks due to the tangling. No worries there, however, as her ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ remained!

Overall, I plan on purchasing her once more due to me being able to rock her while wearing my causal gear to my “I wanna look like Rihanna, so I rush to Forever 21 to cop her outfit for the low” gear while looking absolutely breathtaking in either fit!

That iZZZ “if I do say so myself!” 🙂 cue Jay-Z voice!

I purchased her from of course! I think I paid a tad more for her, but fortunately, you all can purchase her for $24.95 since Hairsisters lowered her price! Here’s the direct link!

P.S. PLEASE enjoy this one! The compliments I received never ended while I fibbed and claimed it was my own hair when asked! 😉

*** Beware, I do NOT wear my lace-fronts with glue NOR tape. I wear my lace-fronts with less of an inch of my OWN hair out because I think they look more realistic that way! 🙂 Be sure to leave your comments, suggestions, and inquiries below! ***

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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