You wake up, Flawless

Post up, Flawless

Ridin’ round in it, Flawless

Flossin’ on that, Flawless

This diamond, Flawless

If I had a diamond, it would be FLAWLESS! 🙂

Beyoncé expressed it best! Don’t we all wish we could wake up looking like how the ladies wake up in the movies? Their lips seem moisturized; breath – on point; no “sleep” in their eyes and  their hair…wait…you can actually SEE their hair cuz it’s not all wrapped up in their fave hair scarves or stocking caps! But more importantly, their skin looks simply FLAWLESS! Not a blemish present! HUMPH!!!

Although I ardently believe that being flawless comes from your own self-actualization and the acceptance of not only YOUR imperfections, but also those of OTHERS, I don’t see the harm in trying your darnest to achieve that fresh-faced, blemish and scar free “I WOKE UP LIKE DIS” look!

The products above that have worked for me include

  1. Shea Moisture’s – African Black Soap
  2. Andalou Naturals – Rosewater Mask
  3. Andalou Naturals – Enlightening Serum
  4. All Terrain’s – Hand Sanz

The Big Man Upstairs knows how I have struggled with the pains of hyper-pigmentation left behind by unfortunate breakouts. My breakouts were not excessive, however. They really only occurred monthly – about a week before my cycle made its monthly debut! 🙁 Within a couple of days, the blemishes would fade, but the hyper-pigmented scars (dark spots) they left behind would make me CRINGE! Each and every time those unsightly scars would surface, I’d DASH to my nearest MAC counter to purchase ALL the NW43 concealer they had in stock!

Tiring of that constant battle of Jaz vs Mother ‘Mayweather’ Nature, I decided to take the advice of my mother, Kimmy! She suggested that I go see some of the best dermatologists Atlanta had to offer. I’d be lying if I said their pills and creams did not work wonders initially. I was able to go to sleep pretty and wake up looking even better! Unfortunately, that only lasted for so long. Saddened, I took matters into my own hands by researching some organic ways to treat and combat acne.

What did I find? Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap is what I found! And luckily I did! Don’t judge me, but I stumbled across various other organic products, but once I saw “African Black Soap,” and I looked in the mirror and saw my Mocha Cocoa hue that was passed down from my African ancestors, I just KNEW it would work! And guess what! It totally did!!! 🙂 Washing with this soap (twice in the morning and twice at night) has benefited me greatly! I hardly rock my foundations (only for special occasions) because I almost never have breakouts!

*** African Black Soap is for ALL skin types and nationalities! ***

The next two products I swear by are my Andalou Naturals – Rosewater Mask and Enlightening Serum. Not being a fan of wrinkles, I purchased both products in hopes to still look 23 at age 47! The Rosewater Mask is there to help hydrate my skin while also renewing, repairing, and regenerating my dermal cells. The mask also contains antioxidants and rose stem cells that help to calm sensitive skin. This definitely helps as it soothes the sometimes stinging sensation left behind from washing with the African Black Soap.

*** I use the mask 1-3 times per week as directed by Andalou Naturals. ***

As far as the enlightening serum is concerned, I use this to moisturize my face. After washing with my African Black Soap, I moisturize lightly with my enlightening serum on a daily basis. I really enjoy this serum because it not only targets my hyper-pigmentation but it also activates collagen to help keep my face looking firm and feeling tight like Magic Mike’s bOOty! 😉

Now don’t go thinking I’m Abby-normal for including the hand sanitizer product in my Beauty Bits section! I featured this because sometimes we touch our faces throughout the day. Regardless if we mean to do it or not, this isn’t great on our skin due to our grimy hands having dirt and other bacteria present on them. To keep them clean just in case they touch my Mona-Lisa canvas (face), I keep this pocket-sized hand sanitizer on me! It keeps my hands clean and face – germ free! 🙂

You can purchase these products from Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, or other specialty shopping destinations that specialize in carrying organic products! These products are ALL organic, GMO-free, and inexpensive too! Their ingredients are even certified FAIR TRADE!! Can it get much better than that? I mean, REALLY!

Bottom Line

Know God didn’t make any mistakes in handing out what society deems as “flaws!”

Embrace your flaws, BUT if you desire to refine them, use these products to do it!

*** If you’d like to know the meds my previous dermatologists prescribed in my earlier days of treatment, post below! ***

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

Shimmy Sistah






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